The only thing in life I want to be is a successful leader who bridges the divides between people.

-Shawn Newell,
VP of Business Development

Our very own Shawn Newell, VP of Business Development, was honored at the 2019 Living Color Utah gala. This year’s event honors those individuals and organizations who have made it their mission to foster diversity in Utah. 

No two people are alike. No team achieves its best work without a variety of perspectives.

And no company is successful without a winning strategy that comes from a broad diversity of ideas. Our commitment to diversity is at the core of our business. It's a proud tradition and a strong conviction that differentiates and defines us, and it enriches our workplace every single day.

At Industrial Supply, we promote diversity in all levels of our organization – seeking out talented individuals of every race, ethnicity, gender, age and orientation. Together, our unique talents and backgrounds help us bring you the best possible suggestions for your success.

We also take an active role in our community, working closely with the Governor's Office on Economic Development. For decades, Industrial Supply was a women-owned business; and today, we continue to help minority-owned and women-owned businesses in their efforts to become 8-A certified.