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Industrial Supply has met the rigorous standards and testing requirements of the industry and is ISO AS910 certified, a testament to our commitment to providing expertise and unparalleled service to our valued customers.

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Comprehensive Local Inventory

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Our comprehensive inventory of products include the most dependable, quality brands in the industry. We carry a large inventory of products in the most popular categories that can be available, in most instances, for immediate pick up or shipment within two days of order placement.

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Custom Services

With over 100 years of industry knowledge and expertise, we can customize any solution for your operation. No matter how specific your metalworking needs are, we can help. Together with our vast network of trusted vendors and industry experts, we can provide a level of personal attention and service that you won't find anywhere else.




Our tool reconditioning service can extend the life of your cutting tools by regrinding them back to their original brand new condition. Cutting tools such as drills and end mills can be very expensive, but by resharpening old tools at a fraction of the cost of a new tool,  you can substantially lower your metalworking costs.


Carbide Recycling

Getting rid of small scrap carbide can be very costly, but with our multiple recycling programs, our manufacturers will make it easy and cost-effective to remove leftover carbide from your site.


Custom Tools

Whether it is drilling, milling or turning cutting tools, we have several manufacturers ready to make custom tools that fit the exact specifications you need to get the job done right.

Integrated Supply Solutions

Inventory Management

Our vendor managed inventory (VMI) systems put the safety and industrial supplies you need directly onto your shelves at the point of use.

We manage your MRO inventory so you can efficiently run your operation. VMI systems also provide important consumption information so your inventory investment is managed properly. Put simply, our VMI solutions put materials in place when you need it so you don’t have to.

Process Management

Eliminating waste through streamlined lean methodologies, supplier consolidation and negotiated procurement optimizes your company's resources, and improves your bottom line.

While managing your inventory can help your business, our customer service team also contributes to your overall efficiency by providing solutions that streamline your processes. By negotiating prices and reducing your inventory exactly to what you need, we can help you reduce overhead costs. We can even keep track how much money we've saved you, so you can be certain about how hard we're working on your behalf.


Below are videos provided by our vendors to give you more information about their products and solutions.


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