Is Your Aerospace Distributor ISO Certified?

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Is Your Aerospace Distributor ISO Certified?

Is Your Aerospace Distributor ISO Certified?

The aerospace industry is characterized by constant change. Every year, technological and scientific advancements redefine what is possible, and permanently alter expected standards, outcomes, and products. It is, therefore, critical that companies in this industry trust that their distributors can keep up with these changes, specifically with regards to product safety, quality, and reliability.

One important consideration in choosing an aerospace distributor is whether that company has received an ISO certification specific to that industry. Based on the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO certification ensures that a distributor is following a model set of standardized requirements that, among other things, increases quality control, minimizes errors, efficiently meets customer demands, and safeguards consumers.

The ISO AS9120 standard is designed and developed specifically for businesses that resell, distribute, and warehouse aerospace components. While it is based on the more general manufacturing standard ISO 9001, it is much more stringent and has almost 100 additional requirements.

Any company who goes through the AS9120 certification process must conduct a rigorous analysis and audit of their Quality Management System. The knowledge gained allows distributors to strengthen their systems so they can decrease the risk of counterfeit or sub-standard parts, provide services even in times of uncertainty, and create a streamlined experience for their customers.

In 2017, Industrial Supply worked with the global certification agency NSF International to receive its AS9120 certification at its Salt Lake branch. The decision to seek this certification stemmed directly from our ongoing efforts to find new ways to provide our customers with excellent, individualized service and high quality products. By aligning with the AS9120 standards, Industrial Supply has become an even more valuable supply-chain partner for its customers.

The bottom line is that ISO certification guarantees that distributors, like Industrial Supply, take product quality, effective service, and safety seriously. Make sure your supply partner has it.

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