Integrated Supply

We want to make your supply chain as seamless as possible.

By integrating our electronic data interchange (EDI) and other automated services into the supply chain, we can use our internal tools, such as With you can place orders automatically into our system, and we can begin to fulfill the order immediately – reducing the time to submit your orders, as well as expediting the delivery of your order. Our systems provide an integrated supply chain by working with our supplier sources to ensure we can readily and easily find the quantities, and the products, you need.


Eliminating waste through streamlined lean methodologies, supplier consolidation and negotiated procurement optimizes your company's resources, and improves your bottom line.

Supply Chain consolidation and reduction

It can take weeks and even months to fully understand the products and services manufacturers have to offer. This is where our more than 100 years of experience helps. We can help you determine which suppliers to consolidate and which to eliminate from your supply chain without losing the products and services your business needs.

Considering alternative sourcing

After years of ordering the same brands, it can be easy to forget you have other options. We're in constant contact with manufacturers who have new products and alternative solutions that can increase your productivity and reduce costs. Our detailed product knowledge and our years of experience in various industries lets us propose options that provide the right product or service alternatives for your company.

Negotiating with manufactures for you

We've developed long-term relationships with contacts at major manufacturers. By working closely with these representatives, we can negotiate on your behalf for added value, and for long-term negotiated procurement that benefits your company.

Cost-saving activity reporting

Curious how we've saved you money each month? Let us give you a detailed report showing how we reduce your supply chain costs and increase your productivity. By itemizing the cost-savings earned from reduced item usage, inventory reductions, increased throughput, streamlined transaction processes, and other services, we can help document how we affect your bottom line.