Industrial Supply Company knows you don’t have time to waste purchasing and sourcing,

which is why we developed Directools.com, a simplified and streamlined e-commerce solution. We have been perfecting our online ordering system so that we can more efficiently get you exactly what you need, the moment you need it.

Custom Catalogs

You can create a customized catalog that automates entry of your most frequently ordered supplies. Tailored to each user, the system saves your order history, account information, and custom pricing. This eliminates the time used to locate and enter the product information from among the more than 100,000 products listed in our online catalog.

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Tool Allowance Program

With our tool allowance programs, you can give your employees an annual allowance to purchase tools needed for the job. We understand that it can be difficult and time-consuming for human resource departments to collect receipts, track allowances, and handle reimbursements.

Through Directools.com we handle the complete tool allowance program online. A login for each employee is generated. Through the website, annual balance and tracking of all past and current purchases are recorded.


Based on customer’s needs, we provide a variety of customized reports to our customers. Some common items that are reported on are: vending, vendor managed inventory, and total spend. We are able to provide details to customers about which items are purchased, when they were purchased, and where.