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Your safety is our highest priority.

Since 1916, we have provided employers with the equipment, expertise, and training to help keep their workplace safe and in compliance with OSHA, NIOSH, and MSHA standards.

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At Industrial Supply, we have an entire team trained and dedicated to meet the safety needs for our customers, including two Qualified Safety Sales Professionals (QSSP) on our staff. The combined expertise and knowledge in occupational health and safety helps thousands of workers across the Intermountain West stay safe on the job. Contact us today.


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Our safety professionals offer a wide variety of free on-site assessments and seminars to inform your team about Fall Protection Awareness, Eye Protection, Hand Protection, Gas Detection, Hearing Protection, and Respiratory Protection.


Comprehensive local inventory

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Our comprehensive inventory of safety products includes the most dependable, quality brands in the industry. We carry a large stock of our most popular items, which in most instances can be available for immediate pick up or shipment within two days of order placement. Safety products on hand include critical items for:

  • Fall Protection Training
  • Eye Protection
  • Spill Control and Containment
  • First Aid
  • Gas Detection
  • Fire Protection
  • Protection Clothing and more

For more information, contact Tyler Whipple at or call his direct line at 801.913.1720. 

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Inventory Management

Vendor managed inventory (VMI) systems place safety and industrial supplies you need directly onto your shelves at the point of use, so you don’t have to. Our smart vending technology controls product dispensing through vending machines, saving you money and increasing productivity.

Integrated Supply

Eliminating waste through streamlined lean methodologies, supplier consolidation and negotiated procurement optimizes your company's resources, and improves your bottom line.

While managing your inventory can help your business, our customer service team also contributes to your overall efficiency by providing solutions that streamline your processes. By negotiating prices and reducing your inventory exactly to what you need, we can help you reduce overhead costs. We can even keep track how much money we've saved you, so you can be certain about how hard we're working on your behalf. Learn More