Expect the expected.

Each of our services is focused on meeting our customers' diverse but unique needs. Whether you want to ensure safety compliance on the job, consult with experienced metalworking experts, or increase your business productivity, Industrial Supply is always ready to help.

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Safety Solutions

For more than 100 years, Industrial Supply has been providing the equipment and expertise to keep workers safe on the job. With their comprehensive knowledge of OSHA and MSHA regulations, and QSSP core elements, our safety specialists can train your team to become workplace safety experts.
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Experts know where to go for all their metalworking needs: Industrial Supply, the most trusted source of cutting tools and metalworking solutions in the Intermountain West.
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Integrated Supply Solutions

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We help your business streamline operations and increase profitability by reducing your overhead costs and managing your inventory to exactly what you need when you need it.

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We offer a broad range of other specialized services, including mobile jobsite trailers, product consulting, and green initiatives.

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With our custom catalogs, tool allowance program, and reporting, is designed to save time and simplify your online ordering experience.

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Vendor managed inventory (VMI) systems place the safety and industrial supplies you need directly onto your shelves at the point of use. Our smart vending technology controls product dispensing through vending machines that save you money and increase productivity.