More Important Than Ever: Integrated Supply Services Help Businesses Navigate Today’s Global Supply Chains

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More Important Than Ever: Integrated Supply Services Help Businesses Navigate Today’s Global Supply Chains

2021 is when the term “supply chain” went mainstream. Before this year, many people never thought about the various processes required to create and transport the products they use. Now, we’re all much more aware that there is a “chain” of events necessary for a new car to get to a dealership, for just one example. Unfortunately, our awareness comes from news of disruptions, uncertainty, and problems in our supply chains. From manufacturing to transportation to warehousing, it seems that all steps in these chains are experiencing stress.

 While individual consumers may never have thought about supply chains, a thorough knowledge of what it takes to produce and distribute needed products, as well as how national and global events can impact those processes, has been a fundamental part of Industrial Supply’s business model. In our 100-plus year history, we have helped our customers get what they need during all kinds of disruptions, including wars, economic downturns, major weather events, and even a flu pandemic.

 Years ago, Industrial Supply created Integrated Supply Solutions to ensure that our customers fully benefit from our extensive supply chain experience and, just as important, from the long-term relationships we’ve established with suppliers. Our goals are to help businesses streamline their inventory management, simplify their supply chains, lower their purchase costs, and of course, obtain the products they need even when they become difficult to find. In today’s climate, the services provided through our Integrated Supply Solutions are more important than ever before.

 Significantly, it is the meaningful and lasting relationships with suppliers that have allowed Industrial Supply to secure the most efficient and cost effective ways possible for our customers to get the products and services they need. These relationships were established long before today’s supply chain complications, and were the result of our firm belief that these sorts of connections enable us to do our best work, and to be well prepared for changing conditions.

 Our high regard for connections and relationships extends to our customers, and superior customer service has always been one of our core values. We prioritize in-person visits and onsite services as the best options for fully evaluating business needs, finding effective supply chain solutions, and improving efficiencies. Through individualized Vendor Managed Inventory services and smart vending technologies, we are able to carefully monitor inventory for our customers, enabling them to focus on running successful operations. It turns out that having a local integrated supply partner is the best way to navigate an ever-changing global supply chain.

 Industrial Supply has seen a lot of changes in the last century, and today’s supply chain problems will add to the extensive experience, knowledge, and connections the company has built over the years. This is what will enable us to help our customers weather whatever comes next.

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