As the Intermountain West Grows, So Does Industrial Supply

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As the Intermountain West Grows, So Does Industrial Supply

The 2020 census population data confirmed what those of us living in the Intermountain West already knew – our area has undergone tremendous growth. Five of the top ten states with the highest population increases were in our region, with Industrial Supply’s home state, Utah, being number one on that list.

There’s no question that this kind of growth fosters a dynamic economy that benefits a wide range of industries. With rising demand, it’s more important than ever for businesses to be confident in a supply chain partner that provides them with the items they need, when and where they need them.

Industrial Supply understands that the Intermountain West is not the same everywhere. Each region has different climates, resources, populations, and industries, all of which have an impact on their supply needs. In the urban Salt Lake area, for example, construction and defense work dominate; while in Gillette, Wyoming, the extraction of coal, gas, and oil play a large role in that area’s economy.

Our goal is to be a true local provider for our customers, and we pride ourselves on being deeply knowledgeable of the distinct circumstances they face throughout the Intermountain West. Critical to our customized approach are our eight branch offices, all of which are staffed by people who live in the areas they serve and have expertise in the specific needs of the industries located in their communities. These branch locations keep inventory on hand, offer supply chain solutions that make sense for their particular areas, and provide safety assessments and products that are relevant for the local industries.

In addition to our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Industrial Supply has offices in:

Elko, Nevada

Industrial Supply has been in Elko for more than a decade. Last year, we built a 16,000 square-foot facility to better serve the territory.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Established over 30 years ago, our Las Vegas branch recently moved into a new space that is easier to access and better accommodates walk-in traffic.

Phoenix, Arizona

In the past few years, our work in Arizona, which has the second-highest growth in population, has dramatically increased. In 2022, we set up our first branch office in the state in Chandler.

Gillette, Wyoming and Rock Springs, Wyoming

Built over 23 years ago, these two branches on opposite ends of Wyoming predominately meet the safety and operating needs of mining operations.

Ogden, Utah

Our Ogden branch provides services to businesses in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho, including those involved with the aerospace and defense industry.

Spanish Fork, Utah

In 2021, our Utah County branch moved to a new office that has allowed us to have much more inventory on hand and better serve the growing economies of Central and Southern Utah.

Since its founding over one hundred years ago, Industrial Supply’s development and growth has mirrored that of the Intermountain West. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing our customers with services that are tailored to their unique needs and available where they do business. It is our branch offices, which have multiplied and changed to accommodate new developments, that allow us to meet this commitment throughout our region.