Associated General Contractors

Working with and supporting industries such as construction is important to us, which is why we offer discounted prices on the tools that our AGC members use most.

The AGC of Utah is comprised of the leaders in our local construction industry. We are building contractors, highway contractors, utility contractors, specialty contractors, supplier and service providers. Our members range from mega-ships that employ hundreds of people to one-person operations. And everyday, we all make a difference in our community and our local economy. Our influence is felt across Utah – in every building and every road.

The possession and application of the necessary technical, practical experience to execute the projects undertaken in a professional and efficient manner.

The character to comply with the spirit and letter of contracts undertaken, and to handle every transaction with fairness and honor.

The possession and application of the necessary finances, cash or credit, together with the needed equipment and organization to fulfill all commitments promptly and completely.

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