Benefits of Industrial Vending

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Benefits of Industrial Vending

As a custom inventory solution, industrial vending machines provide point-of-use inventory management for industrial and safety supplies that employees depend on. Unlike vending machines that provide snacks and beverages when money is inserted into the machine, an industrial vending machine grants access to items by means of an employee swipe card or ID code. These machines allow for more control and security, and more accurate tracking of inventory and budgets. Vending also helps manage consumable spending all while giving employees access to a wide variety of high-use products. These aren’t your typical vending machines!

Industrial vending machines were built specifically with industrial environments in mind and can be stocked with all kinds of inventory—from laptops to Personal Protection Equipment to oddly-shaped spare parts. One vending solution does not fit all; there are several different vending options available on the market to meet your unique storage needs. A locker system with weight-based sensing technology provides accountability without the need to count, while a carousel can efficiently organize smaller items and save you time. The benefits of industrial vending are endless. With industrial vending, you can cut spending, reduce inventory consumption, and eliminate stock-outs and downtime.

Industrial vending solves the problem of waste by giving you the ability to place limits on quantities, shifts, and total dollars spent. You can even program machines to dispense reconditioned, older tools before new tools, reducing consumption and inventory cost. You can also easily track and set controls for specific items needed for the job, eliminating waste and theft. With the right systems in place to monitor the use of consumables, you can cut costs for your business significantly.

Additionally, industrial vending machines reduce consumption by enforcing accountability on the job. By tracking usage, employees become more aware of the tools and supplies they use on a daily basis. Industrial vending gives you the ability to place limits on usage, preventing unauthorized use and hoarding of tools. You can also control the exact quantity of inventory needed for the job.

Increased demand, differing lead times, and inconsistent reorder processes can all attribute to out-of-stock items. With industrial vending, access to inventory is available 24/7 and items are automatically replenished, eliminating stock-outs. You can anticipate your needs before stock-out occurs by easily collecting and analyzing data to help set appropriate reorder quantities.

Clearly, industrial vending machines go beyond inventory management. Not only do they increase efficiency in the workplace, industrial vending machines can reduce downtime and allow employees to get the items they need, the moment they need them. Knowing exactly where your inventory is at any moment is a powerful thing. Automated inventory management is an enormous asset to any jobsite, driving productivity and greatly improving how you do business.

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