Employee Highlight: Brian Bracken

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Employee Highlight: Brian Bracken

If Brian Bracken’s work ethic and mentality had to be boiled down to one line, then his motto would be a pretty accurate description, “It has to get done - so get it done.” It’s that sort of mentality that makes someone a leader and stand out among the pack. Which is why Brian’s team nominated him as this month’s Solution Star due to his passion for his position of Shipping Lead and innovative mindset.

Coming from 25 years of working in corporate America, Brian wasn’t sure what to expect going into his first day at Industrial Supply. He hadn’t even stepped foot inside a warehouse, let alone knowing what the warehouse environment and culture would be like, but Brian didn’t let that phase him.

Brian’s been fantastic and successful at his job, but when asked what his proudest moment at Industrial Supply has been, he said that he thrives when the people he works with succeed. Their success is his success. That sort of mentality is exactly what a leader is made of. His ideas of success are a little different though at work and outside of it. At work success is defined as: having fun while ensuring that all orders are shipped accurately. At home, he sees success as making sure that he’s living his life -- not just existing.

When Brian isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He does his best on balancing his career and family life by trying to be with his family as much as possible when he’s outside of work. He leaves work at work. When asked who his greatest influences are, Brian said: his wife and kids for their continuous support, his parents for their work ethic, and of course, the legend, Ozzy Osbourne.

Brian is making sure to pass on the knowledge he’s learned from his parents and peers onto his children. When asked how he’d describe himself in three words he said, “I tell my 3 sons that three words matter more than any other to me -- Honor, Respect, and Integrity. If you find meaning in those words and live by them the best you can then you will have a pretty good life.”
His life experience and knowledge doesn’t just get passed on to his kids, but he uses it at work as well. His advice to new-hires looking to take on the same challenge that Brian did years ago is, “It can be overwhelming but it isn’t brain surgery. Take your time to learn good habits.”

Brian seems to always be looking towards the future and working towards bigger things. When it comes to the company and the industry, Brian hopes that as both of them grow, the tools and support to be successful will also grow along with them. With that in mind, Brian will continue to show how great of an employee he is and without a doubt, will rise through the ranks at a rapid pace. Thank you Brian for everything you do! You have definitely earned the right to be called a Solution Star!

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