Employee Highlight: Bryon Elumbaugh

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Employee Highlight: Bryon Elumbaugh

Bryon Elumbaugh’s motto of: “Go above and beyond in everything you do” has been the fuel to his motivation while working at Industrial Supply Company. His team has nominated Bryon as a “Solution Star” for being honest, diligent, reliable, and of course, ‘going above and beyond.’

Similar to Industrial Supply Company, Bryon’s parents have also been running a successful family owned business for more than 50 years. After growing up under the positive influence of his parents and learning what it takes to have a successful career, Bryon has applied that ethic and mentality to his own life. When Bryon was asked how he would define success, he didn’t mention money or awards, but instead said: “Success is an attitude. When you go home and feel good about what you accomplished that day, that’s success!”

While working for a rigging company 4 ½ years ago, Byron was approached by one of our team members and was asked if he’d be interested in applying for a position in Outside Sales. Byron agreed and went to Elko to be interviewed, which led to him accepting the position shortly after. That day would become Byron’s proudest moment at Industrial Supply Company. When Byron isn’t with his Industrial Supply family, he enjoys BBQ’s, working on home improvement projects, and most importantly, spending quality time with his wife and daughter. Bryon has extensive industry knowledge and expertise combined with strong leadership skills. His advice to new employees at Industrial Supply Company is: “work hard, ask questions, and follow my motto.” Bryon hopes to see more companies continue to recognize the benefits of choosing family owned and locally operated companies, like us.

Thank you, Bryon, for consistently going above and beyond in your work and setting a great example to your coworkers. Congratulations on earning the right to be called a Solution Star!