Employee Highlight: Jerika Park

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Employee Highlight: Jerika Park

When Jerika Park first began working at Industrial Supply eight years ago, she was eager to learn about the company and determine how she could help contribute to its success. From the start, she’s been an important member of the team which is why it isn’t a surprise that her team has awarded Jerika with the “Solution Star” (a monthly award voted on by employees to honor exceptional work ethic), for her reliability, her strong ambition to take on challenges, and for being a great team player.

Jerika started her career at Industrial Supply in Accounts Payable in 2011 and quickly moved up the ladder. A few years later, Jerika started working for Ruben Mendez, the Vice President of Operations/Inside Sales, as the interface between the departments. Soon after, Jerika became the Marketing and Executive Assistant where she works alongside Jessica Yurgaitis, the Vice President of Product Management and Marketing.

Jerika notes that she can always count on the help and support of her greatest influence and motivator - her husband, Mat. Her husband’s positive attitude and ethics align perfectly with Jerika’s favorite quote from Indian activist and civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi: “We must become the change we wish to see in the world.” Jerika lives by that positive code and mentality every day and doesn’t measure success with wins versus losses. States Jerika, “Success is living each day with a positive outlook, feeling content with my circumstances, having a positive influence on those around me, and having the time to pursue my dreams and passions.” With that sort of positive outlook on life, Jerika is prepared to face any challenges. “Most challenges I come up against are met with a positive attitude and open-minded thinking. I am usually really good at overcoming anything standing in my way”

If Jerika had to be described in three words, it would be: organized, adventurous, and caring. Everyone, both in and outside of work, knows all about how organized she is and how well she treats those in her life. Her adventurous side truly stands out once she’s taking a break from work. Jerika and her husband love to travel and try new things. Whenever they have the opportunity, they can be found outdoors mountain biking or kayaking.

Thank you Jerika for all of the hard work you put into Industrial Supply and for being such a positive influence on everyone around you. We are excited to see what big things the future will bring to your career.

“Learn as much as you can from the resources you have. It is always beneficial to see from different perspectives of the company. If you commit your time and energy to the Industrial Supply family, you will have everything you need to be successful!”

— Jerika’s advice to new employees