Employee Highlight: Matt Lennon

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Employee Highlight: Matt Lennon

If there’s one question Industrial Supply’s Matt Lennon asks himself regularly, it’s “Does what I am doing feed my soul?” Matt understands the value in finding meaningful work and pursuing one’s calling in life as a way to nourish the soul and achieve happiness.

It turns out that this approach to his work has made Matt an extremely effective and valuable member of the Industrial Supply team. In acknowledgment of his contributions, Matt’s teammates are proud to have named him this month’s “Solution Star,” a designation that recognizes and rewards select employees for going above and beyond at work.

Matt’s desire to feed his soul with a sense of purpose clearly comes through in his performance at work. He is described as an optimistic and understanding team member who has a careful attention to detail.

Matt Lennon is a Sales Representative who began working with Industrial Supply in 2009. When asked about his proudest moment at Industrial Supply, Matt says it is the way his career has progressed at the company. After working in the construction business for thirteen plus years, Matt moved to Industrial Supply eight years ago to become a stocker in the warehouse. Since then, he has been granted the opportunity to grow and advance in his career. He anticipates many more proud moments ahead of him.

Matt’s definition of success involves overcoming difficult problems with favorable results. When it comes to challenges, Matt says, “Every day presents a new challenge.” He believes creativity is crucial for problem solving in the workplace. “Sometimes we have to be very creative to fulfill our customers’ needs.”

When asked about his greatest influences, Matt says his father instilled in him a desire to work hard, which has shaped his approach to his career. “He taught me early on that working hard and being accountable are important in all aspects of life.” At work, Matt often references the valuable lessons his father taught him growing up. His advice to new-hires is to always go the extra mile by looking for ways to help coworkers and customers. He says, “By doing more than what’s expected of you, your value to the company increases.”

With a strong work ethic like Matt’s, achieving balance between work life and home life is essential. He tries to be accessible to his customers by providing his cell number and always making time for the emails that alert his phone. He also relies on his great support team (Bryce and Nathan) to help him get the job done.

While he wants to remain available for his customers, Matt says family always comes first. When he isn’t working, Matt enjoys any activity that involves the outdoors and sports–especially golf, football, and soccer. Most of his free time is spent with his son, catching a Jazz game, or cheering on Real Salt Lake.

Industrial Supply is fortunate to have Matt on our team. His thoughtful approach to both work and life has made him an important coworker, employee, and advocate for our customers. As a problem solver, he has truly earned the moniker “Solution Star.” Thank you Matt!

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