Going Green is Good for Business

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Going Green is Good for Business

Industrial Supply Company truly understands the importance of best green business practices as the global environment continues to evolve. With our efforts, we’ve successfully helped customers reduce transportation and energy costs, as well as demonstrated continued improvement of our own green programs. Industrial Supply promotes Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) practices, which not only improves worker health and safety, but also enables our customers to meet their environmental goals by decreasing consumption and disposal costs. 

Our business is committed to reducing our own environmental impact by evaluating all segments of the business and implementing solutions to create meaningful change. For instance, in 2015, the Innerwest Paper Ink/Pro Recycling Group presented Industrial Supply with an award recognizing the company recycling program, which recycled an impressive 45.46 tons of cardboard in one year. Additionally, the money earned from recycling is put back into the company and used to provide for hard-working employees.

When it comes to taking responsibility for the environment, Industrial Supply is no stranger to rising to the occasion. In June 2010, when a pipeline leak caused over 33,000 gallons of crude oil to flow down Red Butte Creek and spill into the Liberty Park Pond, our team immediately stepped up to the plate. We knew what we had to do, and upon receiving the call from Chevron, filled up the largest truck we had with supplies and sent cleanup crews to the scene. In times of need, we react fast and efficiently. This wasn’t the first environmental emergency we’ve responded to. Our team was on the front lines for the flood of 1983 as well as the tornado that hit Salt Lake City in 1999.   

Not only are these green initiatives transforming the way we do business, but Industrial Supply also makes it a priority to work with suppliers who are environmentally conscious and have likewise committed to "going green."

Industrial Supply Company understands the issues our world is facing today, as well as the important role businesses play in paving the way for social change. We know that being a sustainable company is not only good for the earth, but it creates a healthy work environment, reduces waste, and improves efficiency. Sustainability is a great responsibility for a business to take on, but it is one that Industrial Supply takes on with pride and willingness. We always strive to set the standard in our industry, and work hard to position ourselves as leaders amongst our peers.

As a business that considers the impact on not just the community, but the environment as well, "green thinking" has become a permanent fixture in Industrial Supply's company culture.

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