Industrial Supply Is Your “Local” Partner

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Industrial Supply Is Your “Local” Partner

It may seem strange for a company that offers over 50,000 products from manufacturers all over the world to stress the importance of buying local. But the truth is that we’ve always been a Utah business, and our success and the success of our local communities are very much dependent upon one another and are extremely important to Industrial Supply.

Founded in Utah over 103 years ago, Industrial Supply has made it its mission to help local businesses find the products and services that best suit their unique needs. Our team members are tasked with developing tailored safety services, inventory management systems, and recommended building and metalworking products for each and every unique customer.

The important work performed by our customer base is made significantly easier and more effective by having our team live and work in the same area as them. Our team’s personal knowledge of the environment in which their customers do business, as well as their ability to visit in person and on the job site, are critical components of Industrial Supply’s ability to help Utah businesses thrive.

There is also a significant economic benefit to partnering with a local company like Industrial Supply. By working with us, more of your money remains in Utah and benefits our state. Through the 200-plus people we directly employ, the many businesses we contract with for services and products, and the taxes we pay to the State of Utah, we, along with other local businesses, have a sizeable, positive impact on our state’s economic health.

Just as important are the personal community relationships, responsibilities, and connections that both our company and our employees have developed over the years. We contribute time and money to local nonprofits, churches, events, sports teams, and associations, all of which have helped strengthen our local communities.

As we have expanded our business to serve areas outside of Utah, we have made sure that our business model remains that of a local company. We have established offices throughout the Intermountain West, employed people who are connected to the communities in which they work, and prioritized in person and onsite services. We’ve found that is the best way we can serve our customers and make an impact that matters.   

Industrial Supply is proud to be your local partner.

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