Salt Lake City’s 300 West Reconstruction Projects

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Salt Lake City’s 300 West Reconstruction Projects

300 West Reconstruction: Industrial Supply to Have a Front Seat View of One of Salt Lake City’s New Infrastructure Projects

For over one hundred years, Industrial Supply has provided the materials, support, and expertise for a wide-range of infrastructure projects throughout the Intermountain Region. As our population has grown, our critical structures, roadways, and utilities have had to be expanded upon, renovated, and added to, all in an effort to ensure the strong health of our communities and our economy.

In 2021, Industrial Supply will be right in the middle of one of these projects – literally! Next spring, Salt Lake City will begin a massive reconstruction of 300 West, which will begin and end on either side of our headquarters. As a long-time business owner on this street and a partner in many similar endeavors, our company can only be supportive of the project. While it is underway, we will do everything we can to ensure that we maintain our high-quality customer service.

The city’s plan is extensive. As well as much-needed updates to utility lines and the road’s surface, the 300 West reconstruction project includes new features that will accommodate the shifting needs of our neighborhood. Long viewed as a strictly industrial area, new residential buildings, retail businesses, and restaurants, as well as the 200 West TRAX line added in 1999, have changed how people use the 300 West corridor. A proposed tree-lined park strip separating car traffic from pedestrians and businesses, new sidewalks, and a two-lane bike path all address the changing demographics of this area.

While 300 West will look different by the time reconstruction is finished, it will only be the latest in a series of changes that the street has undergone over the years. Just look at the history of the land on which our offices are located. In the 1880s, a schoolhouse stood here, but by the 1940s, when our founder, Rudy Orlob, bought this property, the land had been converted to celery fields.

It was some twenty years later that Mr. Orlob’s widow, Gladys Young Orlob, realized that the property was an ideal location for Industrial Supply, which was quickly outgrowing its location on Social Hall Avenue in downtown Salt Lake. Her decision to build on this property was a gutsy one. Fifty-six years later, we can unequivocally say that it was the right one as well.

From school grounds to agricultural fields to housing the Intermountain West’s largest industrial supplier, our property characterizes the degree of change that our region has seen and will continue to see. At Industrial Supply, we are excited to witness first-hand an enterprise that will improve our neighborhood’s infrastructure and in turn, its ability to address the future needs of our community. No matter how messy it gets, we’ll be open for business!

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