We’re Committed to Being Your Safety Partner

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We’re Committed to Being Your Safety Partner

Every June, the National Safety Council and its member organizations celebrate National Safety Month. This nationwide event calls attention to the ways in which businesses and individuals can prevent leading causes of injury or death in their workplaces, on the roads, and in their homes and communities.

Industrial Supply is a strong supporter of this event. For over 100 years, we have specialized in providing our customers with individualized safety solutions, such as up-to-date safety and compliance trainings, and a catalog comprised of tens of thousands of Personal Protection Equipment products.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), falls are one of the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. This is particularly true in the construction industry, in which falls are the number one cause of death and, relatedly, fall protection is the most frequently cited OSHA standard violation.

There are two very important OSHA standards related to fall protection in the construction industry. The first is Standard 1926.501, which requires companies to have fall protection for all of its employees. The second is just as critical to employee safety. Standard 1926.503 requires employers to provide training to every employee who might be exposed to fall hazards.

Industrial Supply offers a variety of customizable on-site safety services to help our customers minimize their employees’ fall risks and remain in compliance with the federal workplace safety standards referenced above. These include trainings that follow OSHA guidelines on the correct use of fall protection, fall equipment inspection, and how to spot fall hazards, workplace safety assessments, and vending technology to dispense needed safety supplies at the worksite.

Industrial Supply is committed to keeping workers in the Intermountain West safe and healthy, and to providing businesses with the resources they need to be in compliance with today’s safety requirements. To learn more about our safety services, please contact our Safety Specialist, Tyler Whipple, at (801) 913-1720 or twhipple@indsupply.com.

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